• Sumo

My kind thanks go out to the following persons and the institutions they represent for their support and encouragement.


Vivek Narayanan of Almost Island for your insightful framing: “It’s great to have selections from the first two books of Gene Tanta, Unusual Woods and Pastoral Emergency. His voice seems to me a vital new cross between American hipster smarts, formal alertness and a dark but unruly, ebullient babbling Slavic vision: in short a voice that allows him to have his history and eat it too.”

Alex Cigale and Dave Bonta of qurrtsiluni for including the first two sections of a version of Pastoral Emergency: A and B, from Pastoral Emergency (with Romanian translations).

Geoffrey Gatza of BlazeVOX (with homage to Kent Johnson for the introduction) for publishing my first book of poetry, Unusual Woods.

As gratitude is a work in progress, so too this webpage.

Mentors (in chronological order, for my heart cannot bear it otherwise):

Reginald Shepherd
Katie Kahn
David Dunlap
Joseph Patrick
Gelsy Verna
Heather McHugh
Maurice Kilwein Guevara
Lane Hall
John Koethe
Rebecca Dunham
Yehuda Yannay

Visual Arts:

I am indebted to the following movements and individuals for showing me what is possible (and that it is still possible): Dada, Surrealism, Collagist, Outsider Art, Brutalism, Figurative Expressionism, German Expressionism, Romanian Socialist Realism, American Pop Art, Black Arts Movement, Anarcho-punk, Cypherpunk.

Artists: Marc Chagall, Mina Loy, Oscar Kokoschka, Cy Twombly, Theodor Pallady, Henri Matisse, Nicolae Tonitza, Marcel Janco, George Grosz, Jenny Holzer, Henry Darger, Paul Klee, Gustav Klimt, John Heartfield, Egon Schiele, Emory Douglas, Barbara Kruger, Robert Indiana, Ed Paschke, Corneliu Baba, George Baselitz, Dan Perjovski, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bruce Newman,