from What Is to Be Said: Prose Poems. Forthcoming.

  • Sumo

Taking Candy from a Baby

There was nothing easy about it, as it turned out. As soon as I reached down to pluck the child’s sweet, he started wailing like a Parisian siren. Well, this sent his mother into a rage raising her arms to heaven. Additionally, it seems, just then, someone had depressed the mute button. Yes, everything was moving in slow-motion: this is how the plans had been drawn up. You wouldn’t think a small child would have such a grip. More to the point, after tugging and pulling, I was able to wrestle the grape lollipop away from the sniveling brat. I was in charge of keeping an eye on the doors while the others stuffed and screamed. The ridged orb felt good against my palate and tongue. The sharpshooter got me in the back. The baby stopped crying.